Weight Management Services

Weight management

Tier 2 community weight management

Our tier 2 community adult weight management service adheres fully to NICE guidance for adults, and as a result, focuses on the following core components; i) diet and healthy eating habits, ii) physical activity, iii) reducing the amount of time spent being sedentary, iv) strategies for changing the behaviour of the adult and their family members, and v) adopting a positive and non-judgemental approach.

The programme is designed to encourage, enable and support people to lose weight and maintain weight loss, while living a healthy lifestyle with improved psychological wellbeing. All elements of the programme are delivered by health and wellbeing coaches trained and supported by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT), including input from a registered dietitian and clinical psychologist.

Tier 3 specialist weight management

ICS Health & Wellbeing provide a tier 3 specialist weight management service for adults delivered by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) including a clinical lead endocrinologist, specialist dietician, registered nurse, clinical psychologist and exercise therapist. The service focuses on a range of non-surgical weight management options to support individuals to develop sustainable lifestyle changes in order to lose and manage weight, reduce morbidity and improve quality of life.

Components of our service include:

  • A holistic MDT assessment of complex needs using validated measures
  • A comprehensive MDT review process
  • Intensive multi-component phase, which includes:
    • Motivational group and one-to-one sessions facilitated by the MDT, including diet, physical activity and psychological/behavioural support
    • A personalised treatment plan
    • Pharmacotherapies and very low calorie diets (VLCD)/ low calorie diets (LCD) may be prescribed where appropriate
  • Maintenance support phase including self-management plan, drop-ins, phone support and weight-loss champions

Our service is evidence-based and complies with NICE, NHS England and guidance of the Royal College of Physicians.