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Information for people on the diabetes prevention programme: Ramadhan and COVID-19

By ICS Health & Wellbeing on 28/04/20
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This article is for people who will be observing Ramadhan whilst on the Healthier You: Diabetes Prevention Programme, during COVID-19.

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Nutrition tips for staying healthy during the Coronavirus

By ICS Health & Wellbeing on 16/04/20
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We have been receiving a lot of queries from our service users and coaches, as well as friends and family members, who are concerned during this time. There is quite often conflicting information, or mis-information which even though may be well-meant, can cause anxiety and concern.

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Mediterranean May

By Robert Puddick on 09/05/18

Welcome to Mediterranean May! We will now be dedicating each month of the year to a particular topic that is proven to improve overall health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of developing non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Ruth's story to beat Type 2 diabetes

By Zoe Jackson on 27/04/17

Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that often requires the use of anti-diabetic medication, or insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control. However, the occurrence of type 2 diabetes and its side effects can be prevented if recognised early on.

We have a number of Diabetes Prevention Programmes nationwide set up to support members through the process of preventing development of Type 2 diabetes. We often hear about the fantastic life changes our members have experienced. One of our lovely members, Ruth, shares her story and results with us.

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Cally’s story to beat Type 2 diabetes

By Zoe Jackson on 09/02/17

Type 2 Diabetes represents 90% of all diabetes in patients and it’s largely caused by lifestyle factors which can be modified. Our programmes focus on helping people to reduce their weight, increase their physical activity levels and improve their diet, empowering them to take charge of their health and wellbeing and learn how to prevent diabetes.

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