ICS Health & Wellbeing

Meet the ICS Health & Wellbeing team

Samantha Griggs

Managing Director

Samantha has overall responsibility for ICS Health & Wellbeing, and is experienced in developing an expert team who are person-centred and committed to delivering a quality service.

Her previous experience includes growing a number of businesses in an effective and sustainable way, with employee engagement and a focus on client relationships being the key to success.

Samantha is passionate about helping individuals to realise their full potential and has seen many people achieve their personal goals through the support of health improvement programmes in the community and workplace.

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Emily Cummins

Head of Support Services

Emily has worked for ICS Health & Wellbeing since its inception.

As Head of Support Services, she is responsible for implementing, maintaining, monitoring and enhancing robust systems and processes to ensure ICS Health & Wellbeing’s service user experience is efficient and of the highest quality.

Emily is incentivised by witnessing first-hand the amazing results service users achieve and continuously seeks to drive improvement across all areas of ICS Health & Wellbeing. Her ultimate goal is to deliver a person-centred service that is effective, accessible and represents good value for money.

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Megan Baird

Operations Manager

Megan has worked in the health & wellbeing industry for over nine years and has worked closely with Emily Cummins for a number of these years to effectively implement services on an international, national and local scale.

Working with the ICS operational team, Megan ensures the delivery of the NHS, CCG and corporate programmes are mobilised efficiently and effectively. In addition to this, she works extensively with external partners and internal teams to take a holistic approach to service management with the ultimate driver being underpinned by service user experience and outcomes.

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Lynn Harbottle

Clinical Lead

Lynn has over 30 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics, across a diverse range of hospital, community, academic and research settings. She also holds a Masters and PhD in Medical Anthropology and has published widely in both fields, becoming one of the first UK dietitians to achieve Consultant status. She has significant experience in audit, service development, clinical governance and leadership and acts as a CQC specialist advisor in nutrition, as well as undertaking expert advisory medico-legal work on occasion.

Lynn ensures that all ICS programmes remain evidence based and effective, as well as person-centred and designed to meet the diverse needs of local communities. Lynn also oversees staff training to ensure robust and supportive systems of mentoring and performance management.

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