Specialist Training

Specialist training

As a Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) accredited centre we provide a range of health and wellbeing courses specifically designed around public health and health promotion. Courses are wide ranging and include subjects such as Health Awareness, Understanding Behavioural Change, Encouraging Physical Activity, Understanding Sexual Health and Understanding the Delivery of an NHS Health Check.

For a full list of available health and wellbeing courses, please contact us.

ICS has a strong legacy of high quality training and development. We understand the importance of on-going training and lead the market in this arena, delivering training to more than 50,000 participants in over 20 health-related courses each year.

Our training platform

As well as running face-to-face courses, we also have an interactive e-learning platform offering remote access to online training. Participants can access training courses via text, audio, images, animation and video streaming.

Making every contact count (MECC)

Our MECC initiative supports the concept that all individuals working within the community – health and social care workers, child care centre staff, emergency services and so on – should be encouraged to make ‘every contact count’ by imparting brief but informative advice on a range of health and wellbeing behaviours at every opportunity. Our MECC training activities aim to increase the confidence, competence and knowledge of residents, communities and employees. Examples of MECC training could include smoking cessation training in pharmacies or lifestyle and motivational interviewing in primary care.

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