ICS Health & Wellbeing

Meet the ICS Health & Wellbeing team

Dr. Claire Curtis

Head of Service Development

Claire is responsible for the design and evaluation of all ICS Health & Wellbeing’s services. She works closely with the national operations manager to guarantee the high-quality implementation of these services and ongoing monitoring to ensure continuous improvement. She is also the training lead for ICS Health & Wellbeing.

As well as a PhD in Sport & Exercise Science and additional training in health psychology and addiction studies, she has over 20 years' experience in her field.

Claire believes in developing services that are effective, motivating and, most of all, fun. The most rewarding part of her job is meeting people who tell her their lives have improved because of ICS Health & Wellbeing.

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Emily Cummins

National Operations Manager

Emily works closely with Dr. Claire Curtis, helping her to devise effective and location-specific service models.

She is responsible for implementing, maintaining, monitoring and enhancing robust systems and processes to ensure ICS Health & Wellbeing’s service user experience is efficient and of the highest quality.

Emily is incentivised by witnessing first-hand the amazing results her service users achieve and continuously seeks to drive improvement across all areas of ICS Health & Wellbeing. Her ultimate goal is to deliver a person-centred service that is effective, accessible and represents good value for money.

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Jackie Lothian

National Diabetes Prevention Programme Relationship Manager

Jackie is responsible for mobilising and managing our health and wellbeing services, including the ‘Healthier You’ diabetes prevention programme commissioned by NHS England and partners. She liaises with commissioners to ensure our programmes are fit for purpose and delivered to a high standard.

Jackie has worked in operational management for 25 years, specialising in health and wellbeing for the last five. She has experience in managing tier 2/tier 3 community-based weight management and integrated health interventions mobilising new contracts.

Jackie knows that, although it’s easy to engage people’s interest in a lifestyle programme such as diabetes prevention, encouraging them to take the first step is much more challenging. She finds the most rewarding part of her job witnessing a client having a ‘lightbulb moment’ – when they realise they can take control of their own journey and have fun at the same time.

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Helen Booth

Business Manager

Helen has overall responsibility for ICS Health & Wellbeing, and is experienced in developing an expert team who are person-centred and committed to delivering a quality service.

Her previous experience includes five years of mobilising effective health improvement programmes across the UK. An organisational development specialist she grew a number of businesses in an effective and sustainable way, with employee engagement being key to success.

Helen is passionate about helping individuals to realise their full potential and has seen many people achieve their personal goals through the support of health improvement programmes in the community and workplace.

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